Health And Safety: The Heart of BSK Myanmar Factories

Health And Safety The Heart of BSK Myanmar Factories

BSK Fashion’s primary commitment is to our workers’ health and safety. These workers craft high-quality bags from dream to reality. Our greatest asset is the well-being of our team and the people behind our bags. Our focus goes beyond mere excellence in fashion. It’s fundamentally about caring deeply for our team, ensuring they are thriving, healthy, and happy. We proudly place our workers’ welfare above everything else thanks to our recent significant efforts.

Proactive Health Initiatives for Employee Well-being

In a collaboration, BSK Fashion joined hands with the local Social Security Board in Myanmar. Meticulously planning a health check-up campaign three months in advance. We are proud to announce that 530 of our dedicated workers at the YLX factory have completed their health check-ups, showcasing our proactive approach towards employee well-being. The attention to health continues unabated at the Welcombine factory, also based in Myanmar, where an estimated 550 workers had health examinations.

General to tailored health check - ups being conducted at BSK Welcombine and YLX factories in Myanmar.

Tailored Health Check-Ups for Enhanced Worker Safety

Recognizing the varied roles and responsibilities within our production lines, we have tailored our health check-ups to meet the needs of our workforce at both Welcombine and YLX factories. Blood check-ups are mandatory for those who use materials like glue and paint to monitor potential exposure to hazardous substances. Similarly, our sewing line workers receive blood pressure screenings to ensure they work comfortably and safely. The Social Security Board (SSB) facilitates health check-ups to alleviate the financial strain on workers. With a portion of the funding from BSK Fashion’s plan, there is an opportunity for enhanced healthcare coverage.

To promote the well-being and safety of our workforce, we’ve established collaborations with the Welcombine and YLX factories. These partnerships embody our commitment to sustain high-quality production and ensure that the environments where our beloved products are made are conducive to the health and safety of every individual involved.

Both Welcombine and YLX factories have been instrumental in bringing our vision to life. Their dedication to upholding our standards regarding the welfare of their workers aligns perfectly with our mission. As with BSK Fashion, these factories set precedents in the industry for how worker-centric policies and practices can lead to greater productivity and satisfaction.

Empowering a Healthier, Happier Industry with Welcombine and YLX Factories

Celebrating the strength and health of our workforce extends to every corner of our operations. Including our valuable partners Welcombine and YLX in Myanmar. Their role in our ecosystem is a testament to what we can achieve when we place the well-being of employees at the heart of what we do. We are striving towards a healthier, happier, more sustainable fashion industry.

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