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It was about time! Our website got a little make-over, like we all need sometimes What certainly did not change is the fact that we are still your number one choice supplier for private label / OEM / wholesale bag making!
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Local Fashion Brands Boom in Popularity Post-Pandemic

In the digital world, you can get your hands on anything within a few clicks. A scarf from India. A dress from Paris. Shoes from China. In the face of growing globalisation and the ease of international shipping, consumers are going a different way. There is a growing trend – accelerated by the pandemic – of consumers switching to local brands. This trend is no accident.


Why buyers must order their summer 2022 bags Now!

In the fashion industry, we always work months in advance.
Whether it’s planning collections, working on designs, or deciding which products to stock. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that sometimes we don’t work far enough in advance. If you’re a buyer looking to stock your boutique or department store, you might be caught up thinking about holiday collections.

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