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Key Colors A/W 2024/25 For Bags – The Ultimate Guide

Stay on top of the bag industry’s latest fashion trends with our 2024/25 A/W color guide. From warm Oxford Tan to captivating Bosphorus, explore the hues that will define the latest trends and add sophistication to your wardrobe. Whether you prefer classic or bold aesthetics, our guide has got you covered.


Planning Your Bag Orders Around Chinese New Year 2024 – The Ultimate Guide

With Chinese New Year approaching, the bag manufacturing industry in China will slow down its operations. To avoid delays, it’s important to be proactive with ordering and plan ahead.


The Proven Benefits of The Fair Trade Certification

Discover the significance of Fair Trade certification for bag manufacturers committed to ethical production. Learn about the standards and requirements, benefits, and certification process of this globally renowned symbol of ethical production. Enhance your brand’s reputation and appeal to eco-conscious consumers and retailers with Fair Trade certification


The Proven Benefits of The 1% For The Planet Certification

Manufacturers can demonstrate commitment to the planet by joining the 1% for the Planet movement, pledging to donate at least 1% of annual sales to environmental causes. This creates a positive brand image and makes a real difference in protecting the Earth.


The Proven Benefits of The ISO 9001 Certification

Want to set your bag brand apart? Consider the ISO 9001 certification. It provides a strict framework for ensuring consistent top-tier product quality. Learn more about this certification’s significance, standards, benefits, and process. Build customer trust and optimize your manufacturing processes. Keep reading for details.


Shiling Leather Market – The Heart Of Bags Development

Shiling Leather Market in Guangzhou offers high-quality faux leather products, diverse raw materials, and proximity to eco-friendly materials and manufacturers for creating eco-friendly bags. It’s a one-stop-shop for bag development and exploring emerging market trends.


The Proven Benefits of GRS Certification

BSCI certification benefits companies by enhancing operations, improving social responsibility, and ethical practices. It increases competitiveness in the global market and identifies areas for improvement. This certification also helps build stronger relationships with stakeholders and customers, improving brand reputation and loyalty.


The Proven Benefits of B-Corp Certification

Read how the B-Corp certification can benefit the community and the environment. Through its rigorous standards and ethics, it focuses on helping all involved, from the maker to the consumer.

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