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6 Interesting Bags Fabrics You Must Know About

Olivia 07/24/2022

Choosing your bags fabrics is a big decision. Not only do you need fabric that fits your budget, but it also needs to appeal to your customer base and align with your brand values.
Today we look at which bag fabrics brands and manufacturers use the most.

Watch out for Greenwashing!

Julia 01/12/2022

In recent years, sustainable products have become incredibly popular. While consumers are consistently choosing eco-friendly products, brands are rushing to try to meet that demand. As a result, many brands have resorted to greenwashing – marketing their handbags and backpacks as sustainable, without really understanding the product’s environmental footprint.

2nd Myanmar factory in the making!

James 12/13/2021

We are thrilled and excited to be working on our second factory in Myanmar. The consistent quality levels, the speed of production and the 0% import tariffs are great contributors to the decision to expand more in Myanmar. That’s good news for our clients who we can serve even faster while still being flexible and very price competitive.

New Arrivals

Julia 12/13/2021

We have added a number of new items to the different collections.
If you only want to see the new items use this link:
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