Our story

of growth

It all began in 2008 when two entrepreneurs from different sides of the globe created BSK Fashion. Originally a Guangzhou-based trading company in bags and accessories, BSK soon transformed into a goods manufacturing solution. Today, BSK operates production locations in China and Myanmar and manufactures over three million bags per year.


Women’s Bags Product Range

At BSK, we can produce Women’s Bags that are designed with a focus on style, versatility, and functionality, offering a wide range of options from Handbags to Crossbody Bags, Tote Bags, Diaper Bags, Shoppers, and more.


Men’s Bags Product Range

BSK also offers the production of Men’s Bags that prioritize durability, practicality, and minimalist designs, with options including Backpacks, Duffel Bags, Travel Bags, and more.


Kids’ Bags Product Range

Kids’ Bags that we produce at BSK combine vibrant colors, playful designs, and lightweight materials to ensure comfort and fun. This product category has options like (mini) backpacks, School Bags, Luggage, and more.


Accessories Product Range

BSK offers custom design Accessories serving to accentuate outfits, express personal style, and add the finishing touch. Available products are Eyewear Cases, Eyewear Pouches, Wallets, and more.


Don’t have a custom design in mind? Choose from our existing samples as we develop new designs monthly.

In 2008, Jeroen Herms from Holland and Sophie Bi from China worked together to create BSK Fashion Bags. This Guangzhou-based trading company specialized in bags and accessories. But, Jeroen and Sophie soon realized that they could offer superior products at a lower price point by controlling production and sourcing. That’s how in 2011, BSK turned into the first 100% owned bag factory.


for Fashion

Together, Jeroen and Sophie are the perfect business partners for you and your needs. Sophie was born in Huadu, a city famous for bag producers. For as long as she can remember, the enterprise of bag manufacturing has been a big part of her daily life. Combine that with Jeroen’s no-nonsense management approach, and you get a golden synergy destined for success.

Our Senior Team

Our excellent senior team is ready 24-7 for all our clients needs. We belief in a harmonious work culture
and our senior team are at the forefront of driving and protecting this core belief.

  • Sophi Bi Co-founder & CFO
  • Jeroen Herms Co-Founder & CEO
  • Don Bi China Production Supervisor
  • Mr. Balal Myanmar Operation Director
  • Amy Finance Manager