At BSK Fashion, we redefine the art of bag production. Our direct approach ensures unparalleled control, efficiency, and transparency in production, offering you superior quality at competitive prices.

Connect with us — no middlemen, just pure, seamless communication from design to delivery. With our four dedicated factories, we commit to swift lead times without compromising on high standards.

From ambitious start-ups to seasoned international brands, our clients find confidence in our ability to fulfill any order, regardless of size or complexity. At BSK, your vision meets our mastery, culminating in a partnership that promises excellence in every stitch and unparalleled service at every turn.

  • 30,000,000+ BAGS PRODUCED
  • 2000+ STAFF

Mission, Vision and Values

It’s simply all about success.

At BSK, we’re dedicated to your success because it’s our success too.

We strive to be your fully dedicated production and development partner. We keep our service levels high and our prices competitive by continuously improving and monitoring our management and production methods.

Our employees can count on us to provide a safe work environment and the opportunity to advance their careers within BSK.

We have a thorough quality control practice. Every step is intentional and efficient, from the meticulous selection of our suppliers to monitoring the manufacturer process start to finish.

OUR Clients